Charter of ethics

Deontological Charter Black Jewelry - Tantric Massage Paris 

Bijoux Noir Paris (Tantric Massage Paris) is an institute of well-being and relaxation based on a concept and a philosophy of relaxation naturist. As such, we respect this naturist ethic and lavish the philosophy of this natural approach of sensory well-being through a method of body relaxation.

None of our services will be associated with any sexual connotation or will be the subject of any ambiguity with the professional practitioner, nor therapeutic. All our services are clearly defined in our brochures and therefore can not undergo any changes in its design, form and pricing. Any physical contact due to the actual design of the chosen service is established by qualified and trained personnel.

No other kind of "touch" any other physical contact of what kind it can not be asked, only the naturist masseuse is able to guide you during this sensory experience. For the smooth running of the session and the ease of everyone not respecting our rules will result in immediate termination of the service without any refund of it. Respectfully, wishing you in advance a good sense of the senses in our places and companies.

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