Chromotherapy Massage in Paris




A space where the relaxing virtues and benefits of color merge into "sensuality" through chromotherapy. The awakening of the senses by the sight, let yourself be carried away by all these different sensory effects. Admire the flicker on the bare skin of your Bijoux Noir masseuse, just dressed in different gleams of a stream of colorful lights.

You will appreciate the bare skin of your masseuse dressed in all these different colors. A playful and artistic moment of well-being, of a sensual, visual, incomparable intensity. Chromotherapy (light therapy) is a technique for applying the therapeutic virtues of color to the human body.


Combine light therapy with your naturist session to recharge your batteries

Light is needed by our body because it influences our mood. This is why light therapy is increasingly associated with spas and fitness centers. Methods of well-being and relaxations composed of LEDs with a program of lights of different colors. By exerting a psychic and physical influence on the body, chromotherapy promotes relaxation and self healing. According to research done by experts, the colors have a specific vibration with a speed, a wavelength and a different rhythm exerting a beneficial influence on the body.

In addition, color is known to activate the production of hormones that help heal many mental, physical or psychological conditions. Thus, the renowned Spa Bijoux Noir in Paris 14th decrypts the codification of colors and its influential virtues on the body.

  • Indigo with its anesthetic power is indicated for headaches, toothaches or rheumatism.
  • Symbol of pacifism, blue soothes crises and relieves psychological disorders.
  • The turquoise color is soothing and promotes the regeneration of the dermis.
  • Purple is recommended to calm angry states, eliminate toxins, purify the blood, stimulate the spleen and strengthen the immune system.
  • Assimilated to renewal, green is effective in fighting insomnia and stimulates sexual appetite.
  • Yellow has a positive effect on the nervous system by stimulating all areas of the brain.
  • Coupled with pleasure and luxury, orange increases the longevity of the heart while eliminating excess weight.
  • Representing love, red is renowned for possessing aphrodisiacal virtues marked by a unique sensational experience.

Come and discover the Paris Noir Bijoux salon and let yourself be guided by our masseuses who will combine their techniques with the ambiance of the place to make you live an exceptional moment that will affect your well-being. This space will allow you to live a playful and artistic approach to relaxation, of a relaxing intensity.

Chromotherapy has therapeutic virtues on the human body. Light and different colors have a positive influence on the psychic and physical state. It promotes relaxation and self healing.


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