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BijouxNoir un art de vivre entre liberté et naturel, se laisser entraîner par ses sens et porter par ses émotions !

naturist massage for woman in paris

The Bijoux Noir Institute in Paris 14th, also likes women, it seemed obvious to us to dedicate a naturist massage especially for you women!

Naturist Massage for Women: A great way for personal development

Since time immemorial, women have always wanted to take care of themselves through a ritual of well-being. However, in the collective thought we agree that naturist massage is strictly for men. Even if the prejudices about the idea of ​​erotic massages could only concern men remain deeply rooted, its democratization in Western society is the business of all. The naturist massage for women has become fashionable, something in tune with the times, almost a phenomenon of fashion. It is nonetheless a great way of personal development for the woman as the benefits are numerous. And because there is no harm in doing good, women also want to grab it.

The motivations are certainly not the same. They will seek above all the blooming of the body and deep relaxation, while men prefer them for the nakedness and the symbol of the woman-object that it represents. However, we do not exclude the fact that women also have the pleasure of going there to be massaged by a man. In other words, there is not much that differentiates the man from the woman.

Sensual Massage for Lady: On the road to parity

Only a few years ago, erotic massage was reserved for men, so that less than 5% of women attended naturist institutes and spas. The image he sent back was pejorative and degrading. It would be limited to associate this type of massage with sex, especially as its institute practice is highly regulated.

Make parity our priority:

The institute Bijoux Noir has always worked for parity because we consider the man to be equal to the woman. There is nothing today that the woman could have compared to the man. Moreover, all of our services are offered to both without distinction.

Our clientele is made up of 60% men, 20% women and 20% couples. We are sure that women's attendance will continue to increase in the near future.

A nude massage for woman as to "disconnect us from the city life, that's why I like to booking a naturist care at Bijoux Noir" 

Nathalie, 36, a sales executive in a Parisian advertising agency, is a great lover of nature, which is why she appreciates the time spent at the Institute Bijoux Noir. "A way to escape, as if to disconnect from city life" she explains. With the job she occupies, the pressure is often present. "After a day of work I need to breathe, to find the calm to come out of the digitized world and this ultra connected life As soon as I can I go to this Spa first and foremost to recharge my batteries. secret garden, my bubble of well-being and spirituality. I switch to off mode".

Celine, 24, a student in psychology, likes the parlor Bijoux Noir because it is one of the only Parisian institutes to honor the naturist massage for women. "It's not so much the idea of ​​being massaged by a man, it's above all before and for the setting and atmosphere that it offers, it offers a real break for my body".

Alexandra 19 years medical secretary in Paris, loves this massage center to enjoy a hammam between girls. "It has become our headquarters, the place to live in. We enjoy the moment by relaxing, the formulas are numerous and the treatments are divine".

It will be understood if the naturist massage remained in a universe still very masculine, it has long been held back by clichés and received ideas. The naturist massage for women in Paris, however, gains more and more ground and begins to weigh in the balance. Equity requires, sensual massage for women responds to the mix and the news, releasing gender stereotypes.