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naturisteOur luxurious and refined Parisian naturist massage parlor has been developed and conceived in a concept of well-being "naturist" and "sensuality" while privileging the awakening of meaning which is the major interest here. Absolutely, the meaning and the work so as to enable you to awaken, stimulate, boost, stir up all your senses and make them reveal, immerse yourself in this total immersion stimulating sensory through the spirit that brings the place. Passing by the sight, the hearing, the hearing, the scents, the flavors, the feeling, everything has been done to contribute and to promote the awakening of these starting with our different spaces of relaxation to the cabins with sensory themes also sensational one than the other. We start with our reception area theme and spring autumn color, impregnated by its large wall of water in the spirit of a waterfall. A very relaxing atmosphere, a real meditative getaway in an old Roman decor with its small carved meridians of the same style that marry surprisingly well to this concept of zen attitude. In a glamorous and chic spirit, you will be able to relax in this wonderful little relaxing reception area. You will no longer have to choose among our different spaces with sensory themes:



The balneotherapy area all dressed in varnished wood with its large and bright jacuzzi and its spacious hammam that fits very well in a woody spirit. A luxury universe ideal for couples or alone, accompanied by one of our charming naturist masseuses. A thrilling experience of happiness in a glamorous and chic atmosphere where you will find yourself in a spirit of absolute relaxation.


A long escapade where fantasy and imagination can give free rein to the sensory awakening of your imagination.


A space where the relaxing virtues and benefits of color merge with "sensuality". The awakening of the senses by the sight, let yourself be carried away by all these different sensory effects. Admire the flicker on the bare skin of your masseuse just dressed in different lights of colorful lights. You will appreciate the bare skin of your practitioner dressed in all these different colors. A playful and artistic moment of well-being, sensual, visual, incomparable intensity. Chromotherapy is a technique for applying the therapeutic virtues of color to the human body. It is increasingly associated with Leeds' spa, wellness and relaxation methods with a program of light shows in different colors. By exerting a psychic and physical influence on the body, it promotes relaxation and self healing. According to research done by experts, the colors have a specific vibration with a speed, a wavelength and a different rhythm exerting a beneficial influence on the body. In addition, color is known to activate the production of hormones that help heal many mental, physical or psychological conditions. Indigo with its anesthetic power is indicated for headaches, toothaches or rheumatism. Symbol of pacifism, blue soothes crises and relieves psychological disorders. The turquoise color is soothing and promotes the regeneration of the dermis. Purple is recommended to calm angry states, eliminate toxins, purify the blood, stimulate the spleen and strengthen the immune system Renewed, green is effective in fighting insomnia and stimulates sexual appetite. Yellow has a positive effect on the nervous system by stimulating all areas of the brain. Coupled with pleasure and luxury, orange increases the longevity of the heart while eliminating excess weight. Representing love, red is renowned for possessing aphrodisiacal virtues unique sensational experience on Paris.

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