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Bijoux Noir vous accueille
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avec ou sans rendez-vous
de 10h00 à 21h00 et en nocturne
jusqu’à 22h00 sur demande.

1, rue Pierre Larousse 75014 Paris,

Tantric Massages

Massage Tantrique Paris Bijoux Noir

Statue de bouddhaTantric massage is a technique derived from Indian traditions and Taoism. It was born from the art of touch and is practiced naturist preference for a better feeling and sensitivity. The duration of a tantric massage session longer than that of a traditional naturist massage (1h30 instead of 30 to 45mn) in a ritual and a zen atmosphere, cozy and above all sensual.


Tantric massage connects sexuality and spirituality through self-respect and the other, sensuality, energy, listening to the subtlety and joy of feeling one's body live and feeling the tension relax in a moment of well being unique: It's the magic of the senses. Tantric massage will be practiced throughout your body with special attention to the genital area where the sexual energy of the first chakra will be stimulated to move it to the heart and brain and connect them.

This will promote better irrigation and a sexual energy balance throughout the body. By remaining focused on your breathing and listening to what is happening in your body, an emanation of emotions will be felt and will result in slight body movements that will inform the masseuse on what is happening in itself.

It is a deeper way of expanding the consciousness of one's body. Our experienced practitioners work on sexual energy and meditation that are simply in tune with your own nature. When we enter this ritual of love we no longer think, we feel the simple fact of being really ourselves here and now.

"Tantra" remains a space of freedom, a place of privileged life where everyone can find what he needs to grow a little more every day in this stage of personal development and free himself from some old mechanisms that hinder his life.

It is another state of mind, a real presence in itself is to be able to live life with all these senses, to take pleasure in all that we do and to put even more awareness to make them small secret gardens. Let the flowers grow in its most intimate and mysterious side. Tantric massage is a "sensual" dance between consciousness and sexual energy at the ultimate level. It is a union of consciousness and sexual energy which will bring us to a state of fullness in everyday life. Our practitioners will be tantric mistresses and sensory guides to accompany you throughout this sensual and creative flight during these strong and venerated moments.

All in the utmost confidentiality, sharing, respect and feeling of your emotions. It is with great pleasure that Bijoux Noir institute, your tantric massage center in Paris invites you to share this art of great sensual density incomparable and variable, which makes this unique moment a magic moment and privileged. An adventure towards rediscovery, sharing and body rebirth.

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