Naturist Practitioners in Paris

Our naturist masseuses, true virtuosos of sensual massage in Paris 14th

True specialists of naturist massage, our sensual masseuses will make a perfect care to relax you. Whatever the chosen performance, our practitioners will rigorously follow the movements adapted to each type of massage. It is incommensurate that the institute Bijoux Noir in Paris 14th, has focused on a highly qualified staff and trained regularly in the techniques of well-being in order to provide a massage session irreproachable.

Capable of recognizing different types of skin to better adapt the care that suits you, our practitioners deliver a massage with beneficial virtues. As true virtuosos of erotic massage, our wellness professionals will accompany you on the path of relaxation and relaxation.

Knowing how to touch and listen to our masseuses to "get in touch" with your body

One does not improvise a practitioner of well-being in a jiffy. Our experienced naturist masseuses have acquired this know-how and the taste of this practice through a long apprenticeship. They are receptive to the massé's body and transmit positive energies to him leading to a deep relaxation. Above all artistic, nude massage allows the expression of bodies. The naturist massage becomes a sensitive, harmonic and creative care. It is through an environment composed mainly of lights, sound, serenity and scent that the massage takes all its meaning. And to stimulate the senses with pleasure, you can choose your masseuse from our team of 5 professionals.

Beyond the technique, practitioners at ease with their bodies

The massage is above all a human experience, the alchemy in contact with the body, the most complete abandonment of the body of the massed to the masseuse in total respect. Our professionals thus show a great generosity which makes the care comparable to a massage of a rare quality, necessary to recreate a place of relaxation and cocooning. Go through the doors of the Spa Bijoux Noir to live a moment of pleasure and share great emotions with our naked masseuses.

Notre seul objectif, votre bien-être avant tout...

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