Reikis Practitioners


Our Masseuses are trained in Reiki practices to introduce you to meditation


Far from the naturist massage, Reiki is a complete care of Japanese origin to cure all the evils. The Bijoux Noir institute in Paris 14ème has adapted it in the context of sensual massage to enrich the range of its services. Thus, our reikis masseuses are trained in the practice of reiki primarily for initiatory purposes of meditation. The method which consists of the placement of the hands in strategic places on the body of the massed one for an energetic transmission. This ancestral technique uses the psychology of each to provoke self-healing.

Our Spa wanted to combine the two disciplines, that of erotic massage and that of reiki, to amplify the virtues on the body and the mind and open wide the horizons of well-being and absolute relaxation.


Who can benefit from a Reiki massage?


Just about everyone can enjoy the many benefits of Reiki Care. Whatever its state of tiredness, the reiki massage will bring its benefits in order to reboost you and help you feel good. Clients who did not know the discipline are pleasantly surprised by the results on the body once the session is over. Even when the body is well rested, the reiki method will bring its share of profit.


When should you use Reiki massage?


Reiki massage allows you to channel energies and release mental strength for the purpose of personal development. But when should we go through this practice and for what purpose?

This unconventional technique can be used for:

  • fight against stress,
  • soothe muscle tension,
  • to reduce the signs of fatigue,
  • to relax / meditate,
  • personal development,
  • channel your energies and manage your emotions,
  • to cure internal pains (stomach ache, headaches, ...),
  • regain vitality.

Reiki is more than a care (massage), it is also a state of mind that advocates an awareness of being through a lifestyle leading you to a harmonious balance between body and mind .

Our practitioners reikis invite you to meet him through a session of about 1 hour for a total letting go. The treatment is carried out by one or two masseuses in a soothing atmosphere thanks to a setting conducive to relaxation.


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