Tantric Masseuses

Our Tantric Masseurs open the doors of Tantra...

Variety of naturist massage, tantric massage appears as the sensual care most popular in our Parisian institute. It assumes some control because of the degree of technicality it requires.

Spa Bijoux Noir has always favored quality over quantity, which is why our naturist masseurs have all been trained in the discipline of tantrism.

For his good accomplishment, he requires slow and enveloping movements at different places of the body called "energy points" or better known as "chakras". The whole body is kneaded, touched and caressed until it causes the massager to shudder.

There is no typical tantric massage, but instead freely. However, at Bijoux Noir Paris we preferred to give him a frame, respecting a line of conduct allowing our massage staff to follow a breadcrumb trail taking you for sure to relaxation. The relaxation of the body is first of all sought to join the liberation of the mind which is the final intention.


The strength of Tantrism to release positive energies

To release the energies to stimulate the desire, such is the first vocation of the tantric. An ultimate practice of well-being, halfway between relaxation and meditation.

In your nudist Salon Bijoux Noir located in the 14th Paris, our masseuses reach you the arms of tantra to open the door to your emotions, by the strength of the relaxation obtained by means of breathing exercises associated with the delicate touch on the skin. Buried emotions resurface to mark a state of total relaxation. The body in confidence in contact with our tantric practitioners, relaxes gradually to relax completely. You switch to a state of deep relaxation or awakened meditation.


Tantric Practitioners from Bijoux Noir introduce you to the pathways of Tantrism


Listening to your body tantric massage allows you to regain full possession of your resources and to unite with your partner in a sensual exchange.

Like an initiation ritual, our well-being practitioners have repeated hundreds of times the gestures until they have mastered perfect tantrism. To help them, our massage parlor bet on the atmosphere thanks to its ideal setting combined with the relaxing halo of light to soothe the massaged during the treatment.

Our relaxation areas invite you to discover without further delay this moment of meditation so much sought after through a tantric massage session in our space located in Paris 14th.


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