Tantric Bath + Frivolity

Tantric Bath followed by a frivolous massage of the senses

The Tantric Bath is the preparation for "Tantric Massage". It will be administered to you by your practitioner in a whirlpool with one of our homemade preparations made with unscented essential oils, specially designed for the occasion that will promote a much better sexual energy circulation in the body.

The naturist practitioner will then begin with a gentle "massage" of the scalp and the entire body, without sparing any nook.

This bath is an essential passage, a preparation of the body to refine and sharpen a little more the senses and bring a receptivity and felt more and more intense when receiving the "tantric massage" itself for even better feelings and benefits.

The frivolity of the senses massage is a deep discovery that catalyzes the expression of your emotions and sharpens your sensual feelings. It is a unique experience, as we rarely live in the course of life!

The guideline of this particular massage is to let you abandon yourself by the exellence of our know-how.

An intense encounter with all your senses, pushing your limits because we will make you discover sensations never explored, your deep tantric energy will remain marked!

Attention: the emotions received and exchanged are increased tenfold because our know-how in the matter will transport you for sure. The expert and seductive hands of subtle, subtle touch will elevate your most secret energy intensity.

Are you ready to invite all your senses to this unique experience?

This tantric massage is recommended for men and women wishing to live an innovative experience rich in extreme blooming.

2H00        800€


DURATION                                     PRICE
2H00           850€

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