Tantric Couple + Divin Bath

Tantric bath followed by a divinely sensational tantric massage on the skin (couples)


The special tantric couple bath is the preparation for "Tantric Massage". It will be administered by your practitioner in a whirlpool with one of our home-made preparations based on unscented essential oils, specially designed to celebrate a moment in love with two, which will promote a harmony of well-being .

The masseuse will then begin with a gentle "massage" of the scalp of the couple and the whole body, without sparing any nook.

This bath is an essential passage, a preparation of the body to refine and sharpen a little more the senses and bring a receptivity and felt more and more intense when receiving the "tantric massage" itself for even better feelings and benefits.

Followed by a divinely sensational massage on the skin: a majestic moment, a cocktail of awakening of the senses. Reveal the powerful energy that lies within you, a real intimist moment tailor. In the reciprocity of mutual respect, in the art and rules of Tantrism.

When know-how meets sensory pleasure, an explosion of the senses. Between the density and the variation of the sensations received during the mutual exchange.


The softness and subtlety of the oil-coated skin of the masseuse touching and delicately sliding against yours with wave movements, we work with the power of slow energy and let the body speak for itself live intensely vibratory moment rich in emotional density.

This "sensory" approach invites couples to become the explorer of their own feelings and feelings, in all conscience to discover the powerful energy that resides in your body in order to discover your own inner world a sensational moment of rich and sensual sensuality. while being in the concept of "tantric" pleasure and well-being relax and let yourself go completely with confidence. An exclusivity reserved for couples in our institute Bijoux Noir in Paris 14th.

2H00           600€ (couples)

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